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Blue Shapes

About Us

We're a small, self-funded, federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was formed from the realization that there's always something each of us can do to help our local community in some way, shape, or form. We want to do what we can and chip in towards the greater good by sharing a little bit of our time, our energy, our sense of care and compassion, and funding where needed. We're not big at all and this isn't our full time job. But we can do something good. In fact, we believe everyone can do something good for their local community.


Simply put, our overall mission is to invest in and support our local community of Quincy, Massachusetts and we do this through partnerships with other federally recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations that are already doing good work in the area. We focus primarily on funding and supporting small-scale projects designed to advance students' educational experience and outcome, as well as projects to improve the state of food security. This means we can selectively provide mini-grants (up to $2,500) accompanied by advisory / consultancy support for projects that can be completed within a short timeframe.

Our organization was founded by Ed Lee who has lived in the city of Quincy since 1991. After a successful 21-year career in technology operations, corporate audit, and cyber risk management at Fidelity Investments, Ed retired from corporate life in 2021 thanks in part to the company's generous Voluntary Buyout Opportunity (VBO). He launched One Unified Team, Inc. in Q1 2024 to support local nonprofits in the most flexible way possible. In Q2 2024, the organization received its 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.

We're a federally recognized 501(c)(3) Private Nonoperating Foundation. We're also registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Nonprofit Corporation. We're completely self-funded, and as such, we DO NOT request or accept donations from others.

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